"harpaXXI.pt" it's a Salomé Pais Matos CD, with 21th century portuguese music, for solo harp.

The harpist challanged a group of composers to write about the theme "Portugal", the result was a cocktail of diferent visions about the past, present and future of this country and it's culture, it revealed the eclectic plasticity of environments, stylistics and sonorous.

The chameleonic interpretation gives live to the works and the outcome is a dynamic and timeless CD.


“Prelúdio ao Rio” (A prelude to the river), Vasco Abranches:

“O lugar suspenso” (The suspended place), Mariana Vieira

“Jogos e Danças” (Games and Dances), Diogo Vida

“Prelúdio à deriva” (Drifting prelude), João Antunes

“4 Canções do Cante Alentejano” (4 Songs of Cante Alentejano), José Martins

“Tece-se a trama, Cante Tejo Alfama” (Weave the plot, Sing Tagus Alfama), Daniel Schvetz



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