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Salomé Pais Matos is a multifaceted Portuguese Harpist.

She began her studies at the Conservatório Nacional de LIsboa, having completed them under the guidance of Prof. Andreia Marques. Studied Composition with Eurico Carrapatoso and Contemporary Music with Clotilde Rosa.

In 2010 she continued her studies at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi, in Milan, where she obtained the Diploma accademico di IIº livello di alta formazione di Arpa - Indirizzo Solistico. She also holds the Master’s degree in Teaching by Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa.

Since 2006, she has developed an intense work in music in the most diverse formations and activities. Participated in Musicals, with Filipe La Féria and Nuno Feist. Collaborates in multi-instrumentalism in Pageiart, project of Victor Gama, presented internationally since 2010, at London, Amsterdam, Bogota, Luanda, etc. She made special appearances at Amadora Comic Festival, Gala of the Entrepreneurial Women Europe/Africa, Festival da Canção, Rio Harp Festival Journées Internationales de la Harpe, etc.

With a dynamic career, in addition to the numerous concerts, her work has several recordings, premieres, multidisciplinary projects, collaborations with several artists, composers, choreographers and directors. Recorded with several artists and composers, such as John Psathas, Pedro Carneiro, Anne Victorino D’Almeida, Bastien Baumet, Rui Veloso. In 2017, Salomé premiered the work of the composer Mariana Vieira, who won the composition contest “Música em Criação”. Have collaborated at contemporary music dedicated projects, such as Capdeville Ensemble, Lisbon EnsembleXX/XXI and MPMP. Is the harpist at “Lado Bom” tour of Rita Redshoes.

Performs regularly with the most outstanding national orchestras, such as the Orquestra Gulbenkian, Sinfónica Portuguesa, de Câmara Portuguesa, Lisbon Film Orchestra, etc.

She also plays a pedagogical role in the teaching of Music and in the dissemination of her instrument. In 2020, premiered “” project, translated at the form of a CD and show, divulging the Portuguese compositions to hap solo, of the 21th century. She participated in pedagogical projects such as “Música Pra Ti”; from Fábrica das Artes, “Sinfonix”, Festival de Música de Almada. Salomé has a teacher, prepared many students who have entered national and international higher education schools. She characterizes her teaching style as demanding and motivating, with a view to artistic excellence and pure enthusiasm for Music.

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